The Los Angeles Skate Crew

Our Los Angeles program has a real skate crew. With our expansion into a new schools, we picked up a few more Stokers who are skaters. The best part of it is that they really rip. There’s a benefit to having a skate crew and it’s beyond just landing tricks and having fun with new friends. The […]

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STOKED Igniter Miki Reynolds in a Saucony Campaign

Every now and then, we get some incredible opportunities that not only benefit our youth or organization, but also our mentors and supporters. We’ve said it time and time again, STOKED is a community. We wouldn’t exist without the support of our adult supporters. So when running sneaker company Saucony through their agency, Mechanica USA and […]

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Stoked Steve visits SoCal

How often do I visit our West Coast office? That’s a common question I get when people find out that STOKED has a Los Angeles office. The short answer is every 3 months. It used to be more frequent than that before I was married and had my son. The long answer is that I […]

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Why The Future Belongs To You(th)

You know the song that just does it for you? It speaks to you. Maybe it’s the beat or a lyric that strikes a cord. It gives you goosebumps. The song defines a moment. Your moment. Your history. Your life, both present and future.  This is a strange comparison, but that is I how I […]

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New Bindings, New Beginnings

Last Sunday, STOKED Los Angeles embarked on its 7th trip to Snow Summit which is celebrating its 60th Anniversary.  STOKED Los Angeles plans to take 6 trips to Snow Summit this year, the most snow trips we’ve taken since 2009! First week of the year started off with a blast. We had a record setting […]

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Do More Than Get a Tax Refund

“It was an amazing feeling going up the mountain. As I was making my way down for the first time, STOKED helped me believe that I couldn’t give up. I’ve applied those lessons from snowboarding to life, I never give up on what I’ve set my mind on. I see it through to the end […]

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Surf Mentor 2012 Scores a 100% with Youth

Surf Mentor is our summer program for inner city kids in Los Angeles and New York. We make trips to local beaches in both of those cities, and teach those youth how to surf while also mentoring them in life skills. Here’s a look at what went down this summer across the coasts. Los Angeles […]

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What do Youth from the East + West Coasts Have in Common?

A lot!   We are more alike than we believe and we got to witness that firsthand this past Friday as we hosted a group of teens from the Heart of Los Angeles (HOLA) program at our New York office.    HOLA is a non-profit that has been working with under-served youth in Los Angeles for […]

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A Breath of Fresh Air

Sometimes the routine of life can be monotonous. Eat, sleep, work, eat, go home.  Luckily some of us have the means and opportunity to jet out of town and visit different cities. You come back energized and the change of pace adds more perspective to your life.  You got a breath of fresh air.  What about the […]

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SURF Mentor – Remembering your first wave

Think of a girl who grows up with few options in the summer. She has no summer camps, family vacations, or a summer job. Instead she has a hot one bedroom apartment shared with her mom and two brothers, with only the city streets to wander. Now imagine that same girl spending her summer on […]

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