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Stoked at Maloof Money Cup

Stoked headed to Flushing Meadows in Queens on Saturday, June 4th and Sunday, June 5th to check out the Maloof Money Cup. On Saturday, the Semi-Finals occurred where 24 pro skaters competed in three-minute jams for the 12 spots to move on to the Finals and the chance to win $160,000. On Sunday, the 12 finalists competed for the big prize and Greg Lutzka, who met and skated with Stoked LA during its partnership with Skullcandy, which you can view a video of here, was the winner of the Maloof Money Cup in New York City. Check out photos of Greg and the other finalists below and after the jump.

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Maloof Money Cup in NYC

The Maloof Money Cup this weekend. Yesterday we received a phone call from our friends at the Parks department and gave us a bunch of tickets for our kids. We are very stoked for the New York City skateboarding scene. Much props to the Maloof Brothers, NYC Parks and Recreation Department, and Open Road for all their guidance. Most importantly, Stoked friends, Steve Rodriguez, Rob Campbell, and Rodney Torres for putting in work to make the course look amazing. A Special Congrats to Rodney for his new Zoo York Masters Division board. Check out the video below.