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Surf Mentor 2012 Scores a 100% with Youth

Photo by Debbie Miracolo

Surf Mentor is our summer program for inner city kids in Los Angeles and New York. We make trips to local beaches in both of those cities, and teach those youth how to surf while also mentoring them in life skills.

Here’s a look at what went down this summer across the coasts.

  • Los Angeles – 30 adult volunteers mentored 27 kids
  • New York City – 51 adult volunteers mentored 53 kids

100% of the 78 youth who went through our program this summer reported feeling safe when they are at STOKED programs*! We’re proud of that stat., because above all, we value the safety and well-being of the youth we serve. *Program Managers STOKED Charlie and STOKED Sophia polled youth participants at the end of the summer, and here are some results from that survey.

Hear what kids who went through the program had to say about it.

Los Angeles Testimonials

  • STOKED is a gnarly program that inspires me every time I step in the HQ. — Perla S., 16
  • Because of STOKED, I have more knowledge about relationships with other people, that being committed to something will always bring something good, and always be on time and ready for the unexpected. — Bruno R., 19

New York Testimonials

  • Before I joined stoked I would never have thought i would be snowboarding down a mountain, or skateboarding down a hill or standing up on a surfboard (even though that was always a secret dream of mine), so I showed me that the opportunities are out there, you just need to learn how to look. — Christine J, 16
  • I loved Surf Mentor. I am so happy and proud that I was given the opportunity to learn how to surf and to have met the great friends and mentor over the summer. STOKED has been a really exciting program for me, it has given me the opportunity to explore things that I never thought I would be able to. — Leon, 16

To everyone involved who made this season possible; our sponsors, volunteers, and of course, the ocean itself, THANK YOU!




6 Life Lessons from a 16 Year Old

Jazmin Smiling

Jazmin rode a wave for the first time and came out of the water a different person.
She had a moment of clarity where everything made sense and wanted to share what she learned through STOKED.

See if you can relate…

1. Get support from others.
“It’s a great feeling to know that people are there to help you and not judge you. That’s what I get from STOKED.”
2. Know how to use your time.
“When you’re able to get things done in an orderly fashion, you get more time to do the things you really want to do.”
3. Learn about other people.
Other people won’t have the same opinion as you. At my school there are a lot of Muslim people, and knowing feelings about certain topics might help you understand a them a little more.
4. Know when to take a different approach.
“I couldn’t understand a book, and kept trying to read it over and over. I decided to take a step back and talk through the book with my friend instead of only reading it.”
5. Keep calm.
“You don’t start screaming your head off when something bad happens. Stop
take a breath, and ask yourself how to deal with the situation.”
6. Reflect.
“By reflecting you can see all sides of yourself so you grow as a person.” 
If you want to learn your own life lessons by surfing, join us on August 11 for our STOKED Beach Party in NYC. There are very limited spots, so get more information and sign up!



SURF Mentor – Remembering your first wave

Think of a girl who grows up with few options in the summer.

She has no summer camps, family vacations, or a summer job.

Instead she has a hot one bedroom apartment shared with her mom and two brothers, with only the city streets to wander.

Now imagine that same girl spending her summer on the beach and surfing for the first time with STOKED, having the best summer of her life.

And think of what it’s like for her when she catches her first wave.

The feeling of conquering something that seemed so impossible only days, or even minutes before.

SURF Mentor is starting its 7th year this Saturday, July 7 in NYC and later this month in Los Angeles.

We’ll be sending a series of stories this summer to show you our amazing teens doing the impossible, overcoming their fears, and becoming successful. 

Our SURF Mentor series will:

  • entertain & inspire
  • tell you how to get involved
  • be the best thing to hit your inbox this summer!

Sign up for the series. You won’t regret it!


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Check out this video from our first SURF mentor way back in 2005.

Snow Mentor Kickoff in New York

Stoked’s Snow Mentor: New York program officially entered its seventh season this past Saturday, January 7! Thanks to our partner organization Children of Promise and our amazing staff and volunteers, 28 students from City Polytechnic High School and Brooklyn School of Collaborative Studies spent the day practicing their S-Curves at Belleayre Mountain.

Not only do students and volunteers learns this invigorating action sport together, but each program day there’s a theme to support a positive structure around the experience. Saturday’s theme was creating vision for one’s future.

Students and volunteers spent 4.5 hours on the slopes and all but four students were able to ditch the bunny slope and ride the lifts by then end of the day. Eight students were returning Stokers, having snowboarded with us last year, and these guys and girls were hitting up the blues and blacks and even the park. Yes folks, there’s a steep learning curve for Stoked snowboarders.

Food was generously provided by Hickory BBQ and Kind. Special thanks to our photographer for the day, Meghan McGarry. Below are some of her awesome shots; more to come!

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