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STOKED Founder Interview in Conscious Magazine


I was fortunate enough to be interviewed by Conscious Magazine. Conscious Magazine is a really rad site that covers the non profit, social enterprise, and innovation lifestyle. I would’ve never imagined a magazine devoted to this lifestyle. There are a ton of great interviews and mine is included. Here’s a snippet:


By putting a kid on top of a mountain who has never been outside of his or her city– who has never even seen snow – and by putting together projects and creating things with their hands, they gain the confidence to know that they
can start and 
finish something.” – Steve Larosiliere


Read the rest of the interview here:

Joy Bryant visits Stoked New York

What does an actress who’s graced the pages of a fashion magazines have in common with Stoked?

Snowboarding & Youth Development.

Ever since expanding to Los Angeles in 2006, Joy has been supporting us…and Joy isn’t just your normal everyday supporter.

She’s been snowboarding with our kids, given and raised money from sponsors, and she mentions us in the press whenever possible. Now, she’s moving beyond that and is almost like a co-conspirator with me.

Our next objective is about providing more opportunities to prep our kids for college & career in the future.

More on that in the coming months…

You may know her from the NBC show Parenthood. Little did you know that she’s originally from from the Bronx, born to a single parent mother, and is a product of programs like Stoked. In middle school and high school she participated in a college readiness program called A Better Chance, which led her to get a scholarship to a boarding school, which led her to being accepted at Yale.

She came to our new office in Brooklyn recently and I had the chance to update her on our new program direction and talk about some ideas for this summer. Yes, she’s this star on television, but I see her as someone who’s truly out to support us, and to lend her time to ensuring Stoked is the best organization for our youth.

Thank you for supporting us Joy. Let’s do awesome stuff! 

Stoked Steve honored as a Hometown Hero!

I’m super honored to receive the Hometown Hero Award this Sunday! I’m getting the Mentor Award for starting Stoked. Below is a clip from today’s Metro New York newspaper. I’m being honored along with a few other folks on Sunday! Learn more about the other Hometown Heroes and the ceremony at the Intrepid website.

Thank you from Stoked

Thank you for making our Stoked on Spring event a success. Through the help of our donors in the silent, reverse, and live auctions, Stoked was able to raise over $75,000 for our programs! Take a look at the video in case you missed the great event!

Stoked On Spring 2010 from BZ Worldwide on Vimeo.