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What do Youth from the East + West Coasts Have in Common?

HOLA youth with STOKED youth outside 10 Jay Street.
A lot!
We are more alike than we believe and we got to witness that firsthand this past Friday as we hosted a group of teens from the Heart of Los Angeles (HOLA) program at our New York office. 
HOLA is a non-profit that has been working with under-served youth in Los Angeles for more than 20 years. They provide kids ages 6-19 with programs in academics, arts and athletics. They were also STOKED’s first partner in Los Angeles, so we were super excited to host them.
For our visitors, it was their first time in New York and for some it was their first experience traveling outside of Los Angeles!
Talks and intros at Stoked New York HQ.
We compared lingo across the coasts–tight vs. dank–and both groups got excited as they saw similarities and joked about some of the differences in speech.
HOLA kids taught us an interactive icebreaker game called “All my peeps,”and after a couple of hilarious rounds the camaraderie was solid.
We finished off the day with a whispered version of the STOKED circle.
Overall the kids were happy they got to meet each other and to know that they aren’t alone in their struggles. Getting the HOLA and STOKED NY kids together was a great opportunity for them to see how similar kids can be regardless of how far they live and where they come from.
Thanks to Zaidy and Alexandra, our rockstar Summer Associates, for creating this blog post.
P.S. Meet Zaidy tomorrow on the blog…

Stoked Los Angeles Skate Mentor Wrap Up

In mid June fourteen Stokers met 4 volunteers and Stoked Charlie at HQ where they started the day off with some organic bananas before hopping on the metro to Santa Monica for a day of skating and festivities.

The first stop after arriving  in Santa Monica was the farmers market where Fair Hills Farms treated Stokers to apricots. When they were done they skated to the Santa Monica Pier to watch the Santa Monica Pier Paddleboard Race.

During the festival, our Stokers had the privilege of meeting Jeff Ho, and were given a history of Zephyr Surfboards and Dogtown Skateboards.  Jeff Ho started Jeff Ho and Zephyr Surfboard Production along with Skip Engblom and Craig Stecyk in 1972. Jeff Ho hand-crafted all of the surfboards himself. Together they also started the iconic Zephyr surf team.

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Congrats to Team Stoked for Completing the 5 Boro Bike Tour!

Congratulations to Team Stoked for participating in the 5 Boro Bike Tour! On Sunday, May 6, eight Team Stoked supporters rode their bicycles for 40 miles, touring all five boroughs of New York City. The tour began just shy of 8am in Battery Park City. Riders rode up 6th Avenue and through Central Park together and then into the Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn and finally Staten Island.

Collectively these riders raised more than $4,000 for Stoked to continue to develop its action sports programming for under-served youth. Thank you to all who donated to Team Stoked. View the full album from the day on Flickr.

For information on how to get involved in upcoming Team Stoked events, contact teamstoked@stoked.org. Great job everyone and keep up the ‘Stoke!’