Week 2: The Plan Is In Motion

This past week was a busy week. The biggest thing I accomplished was figuring out the timeline and plan for the next couple of weeks. 

We also came up with a name: The Fearless Leaders Challenge. I'm stoked. More on that below. 

Here's a timeline that our Managing Director put together. 


Week 1 (this week): Line up the internal stakeholders: Board, Staff, Board of Stokers, Mentors. Basically people that already bought in, and get them on board with promoting the campaign. I'm aiming to get everyone on this promotion committee to each recruit 5 new igniters/fearless leaders. 

Week 2: Gather all Assets: Produce videos, email copy, promotional materials and the social media calendar. 

Week 3: Virtual Summit: Launch a virtual conference and promote the heck out of it. I've been recording interviews with leaders in the business industry talking about fearless leadership. This will be a way to gather a large amount of email addresses so we have more people to promote the campaign to.

Week 4: Masterclass: I have a small group of people that I'm going to run a masterclass for. There will also be a pitch to join the community at the end of the class. I'll use the results of this masterclass as testimonials when promoting the campaign.

Week 5: Launch campaign: This is where we'll open the doors to our community and social channels to join the STOKED Igniter & Fearless Leader course.

Promotional tactics

Instagram: I recently took over the STOKED Instagram account and have been growing it. Just this past week it gained 500 new followers. The goal is to get to 10k followers by the time we get to the launch. 

Podcast: By Episode 007, I'll be actively promoting the masterclass and course on there. The podcast has been growing steadily and we're on track.

Weekly Emails: I've been sending weekly blasts to our mailing list. I believe this has helped with site traffic and podcast downloads. 

Facebook Live: I've been playing around with this on my personal Facebook page. Just talking about fearless leadership and what I've been learning. I've done two so far and I'm not going to say it's easy... ha! 

Urgency and Scarcity:

The biggest problem I was attempting to figure out was, "What's the hook?" I didn't know if the fact that people changing their lives by becoming fearless leaders was enough of a reason to spend $27/month or $300 a year for leadership and personal development. I wanted this incentive to be the primary reason to join, and sponsoring a kid in our program to be secondary. I mean it is... however, I needed something amazing as motivation. That's when Alex Sabbag ,our communications and development consultant, recommended that we get a corporation or a consortium of donors to put up a large sum of money as a match. For example, if we recruit 100 new fearless leaders, then donors XYZ will donate $25,000. So this week, I'm lining up that big matching donation.  

Lastly, I'm in New York this week to meet with the internal team to go over this plan, so I'll have lots to report next week. Overall I'm feeling good. Just lots to do before June 5.