Week #5: Small Pivot & A Manifesto

Short update this week, but this is what we've accomplished.  

As we kept testing the message the campaign, people kept getting confused about the term fearless leaders, so we once again retooled the message of the campaign to focus on Igniters. So I started asking myself questions again...

Who you you want to attract?

People who want to make a difference in the world but don’t have the time, a lot of money, knowledge, or expertise to do it.

What's the backstory of the program and the audience?

I struggled for a long time figuring out what difference in the world I wanted to make. I felt like I’ve been the recipient of a lot of things in the past It wasn’t until I realized that mentoring and taking risks in my life propelled me to success. I wanted to be a part of that and that’s why I started STOKED. I wanted people to feel the same things I felt when I was mentoring kids.

How will you encourage their dreams?

Let’s change the future together

What's the cause and the manifesto?

I Support What I believe

I Empower Fearless leaders

I Build My Own Community

I Believe Youth are the Future

The Future Is Ours

I am a STOKED Igniter

The above is a real exercise is really attempting to create a movement not just out of STOKED but of the adults donors that make an impact on STOKED. The Igniters. Because of the 160 Igniter last year, we were able to serve an additional 150 kids! We were also able to recruit those same adults to become one-on-one mentors to our kids, raise additional money, and create more opportunities for our kids. So the Igniter program is hugely important (account for 10% of revenue) to us as it helps STOKED close its own opportunity gap. 

The other major accomplishment this past week was raising more money. So we're up to $55,000 and getting 20 people to commit to donating personally and signing up for the Igniter program on June 5.  We're getting super close still have a ton to do. So in the next week, we'll have all the videos, website, and testimonials up.