Week 6: The First Phase is Complete!

Happiness & gratitude. That's what's I feel right now.

For 10 days our organization we set off to grow our community of donors called the STOKED igniters.

We set a massive goal of getting the community to 500 people all while attempting to get $60,000 in donations matched.

First off, we didn't reach 500. We reached 415... although was not the goal we wanted, we did increase this community by 157%!

Second, these generous and beautiful humans collectively donated $60,000 in 10 days-- so we're getting the additional match of $60,000 from a group of generous donors who challenged us to grow this community.

I'm humbled by this show of support. There were people who've never given before, that now to joined. Thank you!

There were people who channeled their love and support for STOKED to their own networks... Thank you!

I'm excited that we can now grow the depth of our programming to students in NYC, LA, and Chicago. We can serve more kids while increasing the amount of skills, mentors, and experiences they need to become happy, healthy, and successful adults.

Here were the things that helped achieve the goal:

Targeted List of People

I put together a list of 350 people personally. These were people that I knew semi well, I believed had the capacity to give, and showed an interest in giving. I set a goal to have 100 people give on the first day so I focused completely on the first day, June 5. In order to achieve the goal, I used Hubspot CRM to stay organized. I had a pipeline of: Email, Follow up, 3rd Follow up, Social Media Message, Text Message and Phone Call. I got 100 people to commit to donate on the first day. 90 of them actually donated on June 5. I eventually got 140 people to donate personally and become Igniters.

Have a Committee

I leveraged my board, staff, and Board of Stokers to promote to their networks. I gave them all scripts, templates, and flyers to help promote via email and social media. I didn't have them promote until the 2nd day of the campaign. Then I sent them reminders, updates, and encouraged them to share every other day. The other thing I did was send daily emails to STOKED's mailing list during the campaign in which I shared success stories, our culture, and the vision for the Igniters. I emphasized the $60,000 matching gift with the deadline of June 15.

Use Influencers

We were fortunate enough to have some supporters with large social followings. We got a big boost from Pro snowboarder Travis Rice (440K followers) who promoted the link in his bio and Instagram page. Co founder Sal Masekela (42K followers), did the same thing. This did wonders for growing the amount of people in the community.  


The other thing I did was to sell the idea of the Igniters as being more than a donation.  It's a community. Igniters are a new breed of philanthropist. I took our best pictures and I had a designer put pieces of the Igniter manifesto on them. I had current Igniters share these images on their social feeds along with the micro website.  Along with that I put an offer together with different levels for donors. Below are examples.



What's next? 

So the first phase is done, the next phase is working on a webinar to market an idea I have called the "Igniter Masterclass" and building a community of affiliates that can help spread awareness about this class. More news on that in the next update.