One Skateboarder Impacting 1,000 Kids with Paul Rodriguez

Imagine having the resources to help 1,000 kids at once. Talk about philanthropy goals!

That’s what happened when we connected with professional skateboarder, Paul Rodriguez, years back.

In the middle of his competitive season, he managed to become a philanthropist and support STOKED.

When he learned that we wanted to grow to serve 1,000 kids, Paul stepped up and made a significant donation that transformed our program.

Through that relationship, Paul has been significant supporter and for a time period, a thought partner on integrating goal setting and personal development into our program.

Paul first connected with Founder, Steve Larosiliere as they both bonded over the impact the book “Think and Grow Rich” (by Napoleon Hill) had in their lives.

For Paul it helped him get his mindset fixed on success which translated into his career. For Steve, it gave him the motivation to follow through on creating STOKED.

For Paul’s transformative gift, we gave him the STOKED Achievement Award. While he was in New York, we had him become principal of the day at one of our schools and put together an after school motivational speech for a few hundred students at a school.

During his award speech he spoke to the audience about the power of giving and making a difference. Urging everyone to use what they have to help others, he inspired the awards crowd with his wisdom and sage advice.

If you haven’t, you should come to this year’s STOKED Awards on Oct 22 where we’ll honor pro snowboarder Travis Rice and surfer turned Entrepreneur, Nick Romito. It will be an inspired night.
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