What Makes A Successful Youth at STOKED


It’s easy to spot a diamond in the rough or a kid that wants to succeed at STOKED.

They show up to everything. They’re the first ones to show up at the bus stop in the morning during the snowboard season. Meaning they’re up at 4am, then they travel a good distance to show up at the bus stop at 5:30am.

Secondly, they participate in all the programs. When we have extra curricular activities, they show up. They call their mentor. They give feedback and make no excuses.

They take leadership during the programs by pitching in and helping with the set up of the day’s program. They also help other students that are struggling, and are the first to volunteer to share what they’re feeling or going through during the STOKED Circle.

So if you ever see a student get an award from STOKED, just know that they exhibit the qualities above and then some.

Overall, what makes a young person succeed at STOKED is that a) they achieve the goals they set for themselves, b) they are a role model for other young people and c) they stay involved with our community.

Kevin was a student in STOKED a while ago. He spent 4 years of high school with us in Los Angeles. He graduated from high school, got a posse scholarship to attend University of Wisconsin-Madison, graduated from there and now is working back home in Los Angeles in non profit & youth development.

Check out this video we made of him when he accepted the STOKED Youth Award. A special shoutout goes to his mentor Brad Giering who’s been a consistent and supportive role model in his life.