Nick Romito Surfs with STOKED NY

This past August a select group of STOKED’s most dedicated surfers had the pleasure of surfing with pro-surfer and tech entrepreneur, Nick Romito (CEO of VTS).


The students and Nick paddled out on a day that started out as flat as most ponds upstate. The energy that everyone brought must have affected the swell on account of a few small playful waves that showed up to the session. That was enough for everyone to spend the next two hours in the water hyping each other up and listening to Nick’s sage advice on surfing. Getting everyone out of the water at the end of the session was like pulling teeth. No one wanted to get out of the water, not even Nick or the other volunteers, but everyone made up for it with a great round of Kudos.

“Surfing with Nick was great. It was awesome how energetic and helpful he was. I was struggling at times and he said timing was key which helped a lot.”
— -Natasha, STOKED Student

Words: James Manges, STOKED Program Manager

Photos: @alexbrunophoto on Fujifilm X Series

Abha Palmer