That Time Tony Hawk Helped Raise $10,000 FOR STOKED

We created the STOKED Awards as a way to honor the special people in and outside of our community who inspire, motivate, and serve as a role model for our youth.

We always imagined a red carpet style event where we could dress up, have our kids walk in right behind celebrities, influencers and the people who make STOKED possible. Yes, there’s music, food, and schmoozing going on… but behind it all is the idea… we celebrate success, achievement, and the accomplishments of a few key individuals who’ve made an impact on our community and organization.

We absolutely love it. Through this series of blog posts, we’ll go through the different highlights over the years. The first one was when we honored skateboard legend, Tony Hawk. We were fortunate to get Tony Hawk to come to NYC to get honored for his work with the Tony Hawk Foundation. That year, it was sponsored by the Toyota Matrix and took place at the Red Bull Space located in Soho, New York City. It was a pretty special night, we partnered with an ad agency to help produce the event and it was amazing.

When we presented Tony with his award he accepted it, talked about the work he was doing with his foundation and the impact he had. Then at the end of his speech, he surprised the crowd with a $5,000 donation. We used that to raise another $5,000 from the crowd that evening. Here’s a video from that moment.

The STOKED Awards are a truly special evening that we hope you get to experience. Don’t forget to get your tickets to this year’s STOKED Awards on October 22, in NYC. We’re honoring professional snowboarder, Travis Rice and tech executive, Nick Romito, CEO of VTS.

You can get them by going here:

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