Giving Back to The Lifestyle That Gave To You

When your passion meets your purpose, that’s where the magic happens in your life.

That’s what happened when founding board member, Bobbi Babitz, got introduced to STOKED.

As a graduate of Sarah Lawrence, Bobbi got into finance early in her career and is still doing that to this day. She was also the CEO of various tech startups and investment funds.

However, Bobbi’s passion is snow sports and being outdoors… having grown up with it since she was 5 years old, she eventually found a way to channel her passion for snowboards and building businesses into STOKED.

When STOKED was first started we decided to throw a kick off party for the launch of our snowboard program and to get people excited about the new snow sports related non profit in NYC. We promoted it far and wide.

Out of nowhere we got a random donation from Bobbi followed by an email that said “I support what you’re doing. I grew up doing snow sports and I believe all kids should experience what I got to experience.” Then she introduced us to another long time friend Jeff Gaites.

Jeff literally helped us start the first skateboard mentoring program in NYC and created a new fundraising vehicle through art many years ago.


Bobbi Babitz, Board Member

Here with STOKED Founder, Steve Larosiliere with her STOKED Award.

Bobbi was the founding board chair that helped us navigate and succeed during the economic downturn in 2008. She has raised lots of money for us, and has been a mentor and friend to STOKED Founder, Steve Larosiliere. She most recently got married and in lieu of gifts asked her guests to donate to STOKED.

What blew us away was that Bobbi was a stranger who sight unseen gave to STOKED. She gave from her heart - gave her time, energy and her belief in the good in humans and that kids deserve mentorship and opportunities to experience new things in life.

Our community is loyal and dedicated. If this is something you’d love to be a part of, you should consider coming to the STOKED Awards on Oct 22.

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