STOKED Students Help Improve School's Culture

Look at what our students designed! SAUCE, a classroom game that combines trivia and hot sauce to increase understanding and empathy across generations to build a more conducive learning environment.

The students came up with the idea because they were frustrated at the lack of school culture and declining student engagement. Using the design thinking process, they surveyed their peers to ask them what would help improve school culture. Their peers wanted improved relationships with school administrators and staff.

STOKED students also asked what their motivations were: Food and Games. So they created this game. It's kind of like Cards Against Humanity except if you refuse to answer a question or pass on it, you have to eat chicken nuggets with hot sauce! It's hilarious and extremely fun to play. More importantly, this game is changing school culture.


This program is part of our Build a Brand Program that teaches kids how to use design thinking using Stanford's Design Thinking curriculum, to teach kids how to create a skateboard brand to solve socially relevant problems. We created the curriculum in partnership with the agency Huge.

We're looking to grow this program and would love to talk to you to bring this to life through your company & employees in NY, LA & CHI. Message me!

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