Our First Ever Skateboard Summer Camp a Success

This past spring, we decided to do something different with our yearly fundraiser. Instead of asking people to support for the full year of a student, we directed our June fundraiser for our a camp idea we had for a while.

You see, during the summer, we don’t do too many programs aside from our surfing program and any special trips and college visits for our students. We also noticed that while most middle class kids are getting summer jobs, our kids were struggling to find some form of employment. We also spoke to our peers and partners who run summer camp programs they kept telling us for years to bring our skateboard programs to their middle school students during the summer.

So always one to take advantage of opportunities, leverage our communities, and put our kids first, we set on to fundraise and create a 6 week summer skateboard camp. Thanks to Evo and Kindhumans, we were able to get a combined 30K matching gift that we used to raise the other 30K from donors in June.

In all, we were able to serve 100+ students in NYC & LA and provide a dozen students with summer paid jobs teaching middle school students how to skateboard in a summer camp setting. Check out the video and photos from this past summer.

Thank you to Evo & Kindhumans for their matching gift of $30,000!

Thank you to major supporters:

  • Aaron Schumm

  • Deborah Jackson

  • Haendel E. St.Juste

  • Justin Wilkenfeld

  • Kristin Ellbogen

  • Lonie Paxton

  • Travis Rice

Thank You To Donors:

  • Alexi Remnek

  • Ante Dekovic

  • Brit Tarr

  • Caitlin Pullen

  • Cara Macksoud

  • Charles Joseph Augustin

  • Debra Bender

  • Doug Delancey

  • Ellen O’Connell

  • Fanjui Kuo

  • George Nguyen

  • Gregory Harris

  • Jared Abe

  • Jason Wilkenfeld

  • Joshua Cross

  • Julian Ungano

  • Jyoti Folch-Berman

  • Lauren Durkin

  • Louise Mygatt

  • Mark LeRoy

  • Michael Baumer

  • Michelle Javian

  • Monica Faberman

  • Monica Racz

  • Nikki Scoggins

  • Peter Latteier

  • Roberto Gil Jr

  • Samantha Elghanayan

  • Sara Britowich

  • Sharon Salmon

  • Teresa Kellett

  • Vanella Richardson

  • Vinayak Potti

  • Yelena Keselman

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