Celebrate Earth Day with The Bucket Board

Words by: Katie Ferraro Some may see trash as wasted opportunity, insignificant, and dull. Maybe they don’t even see it at all. And then there are some who think outside the box. They engage their creativity and open doors to possibility.

It all started with a challenge by the World Wildlife Foundation. When artist Mac Premo was asked to repurpose something, he chose trash, and chose to turn it into something significant. Mac put his mind to work and relied on one thing he’s passionate about - skateboarding.

With the help of carpenter, home builder, and skateboard maker Don Sanford of Sanford Shapes, The Bucket Board was brought to life. 2 five gallon buckets and a piece of scrap wood retrieved from construction sites was all it took to create these awesome skate decks, and Element trucks and wheels made them complete.

These materials that were once scrap were given a new life and a bigger purpose, which is also the intention behind the brand. The bigger idea behind The Bucket Board is to empower people through skateboarding and promote self expression, which aligns perfectly to the values of STOKED.

Last year, as a celebration of Earth Day, Stokers had the privilege of being part of the first test run of The Bucket Board. Check out the video of the event:


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