Coach Profile: Daniel in LA

LA Coach Profile We chatted with our LA coaches recently to see how they got involved with STOKED, mentoring and action sports. This week, read about Coach Daniel whose love of skating brought him to STOKED.


Coach: Daniel

Coaches: Year 1 

Sports: Skate, Surf, Snow

What do you love most about action sports and the industry?

Being from Los Angeles which is known for having a huge background in skateboarding, I was always surrounded by it. I love how free I feel while I ride my skateboard and I also love how skateboarding can give you a sense of identity and help you make friends for a lifetime.

Why did you choose to become a STOKED coach? 

I chose to be a STOKED coach because teaching the kids how to skateboard has always been something I've wanted to do for years. When I saw the opportunity to finally do it I hopped on it because to me it's a dream job.

What are you most excited for/looking forward to this year as a coach?

I am really looking forward to interacting with the kids and teaching them that they can achieve anything they want in life if they give it 110%.

Who is your mentor and what is the best advice he or she has given to you?

My mentor's name is Javier Lopez. He is the owner of 3043 Boardshop which is the local skate shop in the city of South Gate and also owns Sensitive Skateboards. He's heavily impacted and grown the skateboarding scene in the south east Los Angeles area. Growing up I'd look up to his company and his riders and dreamed to be a part of if somehow. Over time Javier had taken notice of me and began hooking me up with skateboards or anything I needed to keep me rolling. He's heavily impacted my life in only positive ways and has taught me many life lessons and skills. To this very day he is my mentor and helps me forward in skateboarding and in my life and I just want to pass on what he's taught me. 


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