Coach Profile: Katie in LA

LA Coach Profile We chatted with our LA coaches recently to see how they got involved with STOKED, mentoring and action sports.  This week we feature Katie, who is also the Operations Coordinator in our LA office.


Coach: Katie

Coaches: Year 1 & 2

Sports: Skate, Surf, Snow

What do you love most about action sports and the industry?

I love the people and the overall culture. I grew up in Michigan with no background to the action sports industry, but after learning more, I knew I wanted to be part of it, mostly to crush the stereotypes which I had been so accustomed to. Everyone was so willing to support me in entering the industry and have continued to support me today.

Why did you choose to become a STOKED coach? 

I always knew I wanted to work in the action sports industry, but I also knew I was meant to be a part of something bigger than myself. The youth we serve are growing up in much different circumstances than me, yet continue to be an example of positivity, which has proven to be so humbling for me. I get to show these kids that there is a world of possibilities out there for them, even if they may see them as being out of reach.

What are you most excited for/looking forward to this year as a coach?

I am most excited to serve as a role model for these students, creating connection, and empowering them to be the leaders that I see in each and every one of them. Most importantly, teaching them that leadership comes in many different forms and giving them the tools to find their voice.

Who is your mentor and what is the best advice he or she has given to you?

To me, mentorship is so, so important. I have many mentors, but two to note are Mark Sperling and Lewis Howes

Mark has been my mentor from the beginning, when the action sports industry was completely foreign to me. He always encouraged me to keep going and take the opportunities as they come. It’s definitely been solid advice as I have been in the industry now for five years and counting!

Then there is Lewis, who is an incredible human. He’s been my mentor since the beginning of the year and he has coached me through a pretty major career transition and I’m extremely grateful for him. Probably the most valuable things he has taught me is to be 100% clear on my vision or what it is that I want (no matter how big or small) and to always live in gratitude.


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