Coach Profile: Wes in LA

LA Coach Profile We chatted with our LA coaches recently to see how they got involved with STOKED, mentoring and action sports.  This week, learn more about Coach Wes.


Coach: Wes

Coaches: Year 1

Sports: Skate, Surf, Snow

What do you love most about action sports and the industry?

I enjoy freedom of expression through skateboarding and being able to go anywhere in the world and see a kid with a skateboard and be able to connect even with language, culture, and religious differences.

Why did you choose to become a STOKED coach? 

I had a mentor growing up and wouldn't be where I am today without him. I realized there are dreams and many are selfish - then there is a dream that involve living your dream and empowering others. It's exciting to help others discover their talents and passions and to build.

What are you most excited for/looking forward to this year as a coach?

I am excited to get kids excited about dreaming, vision, and creating their futures. Without vision you have no motivation to move towards that destination. 

Who is your mentor and what is the best advice he or she has given to you?

My mentor was a surfer/skater who I met while he was in college, then saw his process of marriage, kids, and now stepping into leadership roles. He always told me to take responsibility for my actions and to not walk around with a frown on my face 'cause no one would want to look up to me or follow me if I walked around sad all the time. I was a sponsored skateboarder - he told me start having fun, smile, and use my influence for positivity.


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