Coach Profile: Zach in NY

NY Coach Profile We asked our coaches in New York a few questions about how they got into action sports, mentoring and STOKED.  This week, meet college professor, Coach Zach!

Coach: Zachary Sanford

Coach for Years: 1,2 & 4

Sports: Skateboarding & Snowboarding


What do you love most about action sports and the industry?

I love the fact that even as action sports become more commercialized, they retain the non-competitive fun-first ethos that defines them in opposition to competitive team sports.

Why did you choose to become a STOKED coach? 

I want to share my love of skateboarding and snowboarding with young people here in NYC. It is a refreshing experience for me as a college professor to add work with a younger group of students to my college courseload.

What are you most excited for/looking forward to this year as a coach?

I can’t wait to watch our Year Two students blow minds with the innovative brands they develop this year!

Who is your mentor and what is the best advice he or she has given to you?

My grandfather Sandy has always instructed me to “follow my bliss” - that which makes me truly happy - and everything else will fall into place. I would say it’s worked because I make a living teaching others about the things I love most!

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