[Partnership] Mountain Dew



Mountain Dew



How did the partnership come about?

The VP of marketing of Mountain Dew was introduced to us through our relationship with skateboarder Paul Rodriguez. He came up with the idea to involve STOKED in a collaboration to have our students make a Mountain Dew commercial starring rap superstar Lil Wayne. 

What impact did it have on the company and organization?

The project, known as DEWeezy, lasted 2 months. STOKED youth applied for 10 spots to participate in the project. Throughout the program, youth received professional training, mentoring from industry professionals, industry insights such as field trips to a premiere sound studio, and Mountain Dew brand immersion.

Students were flown to Miami for the commercial production for a behind the scenes look. The commercial officially aired during the Dew tour in September of 2012 and the full DEWeezy documentary aired on March 31, 2013. The commercial received over 3 Million Youtube views. This is the commercial our students created.

What impact did it have on the company and organization?

This project was transformative on many levels. Mountain Dew got a solid piece of creative from the minds of their ideal target demographic. They also received millions of dollars in earned advertisement as the project was featured on MTV, BET, and NBC. STOKED students got a life changing experience from collaborating with successful professionals to getting to stay at the Ritz Carlton in South Beach Miami. Most importantly, all of the students in the film graduated from high school and 6 of the 10 students have either finished or are still in college. Additionally, STOKED changed its program model to work with students for multiple years and focus on students creating products.

What is the biggest takeaway from the partnership?

For a collaboration like this to work, Mountain Dew fully supported STOKED financially and programmatically. Without the help of MOTIVE the ad agency who was the day to day coordinators, it wouldn’t have been possible. For STOKED, it was enough to handle the experience for the youth perspective. This was a true partnership.