Deyshawn in NYC | STOKED Student and Aspiring Broadway Star


Words by Deyshawn Davis | Photo by John Suhar



New York


Year 3


Skating, surfing

Deyshawn on his favorite STOKED Memory:

Meeting Alex Lacamoire and Lin-Manuel Miranda was a life changing experience for me. On one hand I got to meet with the man behind the music. Crafting and weaving aspects of history together as it sounded beautiful. On the other hand it was the man behind Hamilton himself. Portraying a role so well to even perform in front of the president really shows how far someone can come in life. It was very eye opening as well due to the sheer fact that I, (a kid from the Bronx with high hopes of being on Broadway or at least the music industry) get to meet and chat with two higher ups in that field of work. I'm so glad that I got this chance.

Deyshawn Davis is a STOKED Student in New York.