Words by Constance Beverley You might have heard that STOKED creates fearless leaders through mentoring, opportunity, and action.  You also might have heard that STOKED has served over 4,000 youth, and will serve over 500 youth in 2016/17 alone!  But what you probably haven’t heard, is just how we make all our amazing opportunities happen - from skateboard building afterschool, to service projects and weekends spent on surfboards, snowboards, and skateboards. How do we do it? We get by with a little help from our friends.  (Good thing we have AMAZING friends.)

So maybe this isn’t a big secret, but STOKED is supported by a huge community of mentors, donors, coaches, staff, corporate partners, and alumni.  Everyone contributes, and that’s how we get things done.  Every effort counts and that’s why it was such a huge deal to add a new group of supporters with the help of our good friends at evo!

This year, on Giving Tuesday, evo generously donated 10% of the profits from all outerwear, clothing, and accessories purchases to STOKED - which resulted in a donation of $10,000 towards our programs!  That generous donation helps cover the cost of transportation, snacks, gear, lessons, and lift tickets this winter.  The best part, getting prime real estate on the evo website meant we able to reach a whole new audience, and welcome everyone that supported us on Nov. 29 to the STOKED Family.  (Welcome new friends!)

It’s good to have friends like evo, and we just wanted to take a minute and thank them, and most of all you, their amazing customers for supporting STOKED.  THANK YOU!

To learn more about STOKED or to get involved, visit www.stoked.org. To learn more about how evo gives back, visit www.evo.com/about-cause.