Having A Conversation on Giving

Have you ever had an intentional conversation about giving? Well, that's what almost 100 of our Los Angeles community did a little while ago.

We hosted a great conversation with some dear supporters at the Santa Monica location of General Assembly.

In the past, we've hosted happy hours, a sample sale, and my dinners in the back of chinese restaurants when we were much smaller.

What was interesting about this was that I moderated a discussion with 3 of our long time supporters: YuLin Olliver, Brian Dolen, and Mark Sperling. I asked them questions like:

What makes you give to STOKED?

What makes STOKED special?

Tell us your favorite STOKED story...

The audience was filled with long time supporters - folks with STOKED Los Angeles for almost 10 years and many new folks. We were surprised when Brian presented us with a $7000 check from Loaded Boards and we were able to raise an additional $3000 from the crowd.

In all we loved the event and it inspired us to think of more conversation type events for our community. Check out pictures from the event below.

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