Isaiah and Haylee from East Side


Interview by Katie Ferraro | Photograph by James Manges



New York


Year 1, Year 2


Skating, surfing


When did you join STOKED and what made you interested in joining? I joined STOKED this year and I was interested because I never did actions sports before.

What has been the coolest thing you've gotten to do with STOKED? Going snowboarding has been the coolest thing.

How was your first snowboarding trip? What was the most challenging part? What did you learn? 

The most challenging part of snowboarding was going down the bunny hill without falling. I learned how to stop.

Why should kids join STOKED? 

Kids should join because of how fun learning how to skate and snowboard is.


What has been your favorite part of STOKED this year? SNOWBOARDING!

How did your snowboarding trip with STOKED this year compare to last year? 

It was way more fun than last year. I made it passed the bunny hills and learned how to navigate the terrain better.

Were you involved with the HUF mural? if so, tell me about your experience. 

I wasn't really apart of the mural like other students in my class, but Eric Haze came to our class after he finished and talked to us about what it was like growing up in NYC in the 70's, transitioning from street art to design, and how his setting goals when he was younger helped him out in the long run. It was really cool.

What has been the biggest thing you've learned from STOKED?  Learning how to snowboard and skateboard

Why should kids join STOKED? 

Kids should join STOKED because this is a great, free opportunity to learn snowboarding, surfing, and how to prepare for life outside of school.