HUF Mural at East Side Community High School


Interview by Katie Ferraro | Photo by Juxtapoz Magazine



New York


After School



Street art has been a common theme for STOKED in the past two years, beginning with our partnership with Adidas and Beyond the Streets in Los Angeles, and now with a new mural at East Side Community High School in the East Village of New York. Painted by Eric Haze, the mural kicked off our newest partnership with streetwear brand HUF. Moving forward, HUF will support our skateboarding program at the school and we’ll be teaming up for events in the future.

We sat down with Nathaniel, one of our students who was involved with the project.

How were you involved in the HUF mural? What did you do?

I was involved with the HUF mural because Coach James told me about it and said it would be a good experience. I also really like art.

Tell me a little bit about the process. What surprised you?

The process was interesting because I thought that it would be something really clean and pop, but the fact that the artist (Eric Haze) left this fade from the paint running out on the brush was really cool and unique.

What’s the best part of having the mural at your school?

The best thing about having this mural in our schools’ yard is that it makes the school unique and cool because there is actually meaning to the piece of art.

Why has being involved in the creation of this mural been special for you?

Being part of making this mural has been special to me because it opens my eyes to a different type of art that I didn’t know I liked. It has given me even more appreciation for art than I had because I just think it’s really cool.

How has being in STOKED changed your life?

STOKED has changed my life by giving me opportunities to do things I don’t think I would be able to do as a kid, for example: going snowboarding, SKATEBOARDING at school, making my own skateboard and getting to do art like the HUF mural.

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