Igniter Community Bonding over Dinner

Words by: Steve Larosiliere; Photos by: Keith Morrison The Igniters are truly special people in our eyes. When we started the program 3 years ago, who would've thought that we would've created this family like community in 2 cities.


Last year when we celebrated our 10 year anniversary, I decided to have a dinner for all our important supporters. It was the most authentic, heartwarming event that we've ever done.


Imagine being at a dinner with 80 of your closest friends who love and support you... that's what it felt like. Additionally you loved and cared for everyone there.

That's the type of community that we've been building ever since. That's what I wanted to replicate this year.

So since we have our STOKED Space in Dumbo, we called upon our friends at Dig Inn, Barefoot Wine, and Six Point to help bring the event to life.

We decorated the space with skateboard decks and gear that our students made this past year while we had our very own Igniter and mentor, DJ Erok set the mood with an amazing DJ set.


We had an intimate dinner of old and new Igniters... people who've been there from the very beginning to people who just joined this past month. People from Webby Award winning entrepreneurs to former Fortune 500 executives.

Like the STOKED community, everyone is different, yet important...

Everyone has something to contribute. Everyone is capable of being a mentor.


At the dinner, I gave an update on our growth this past year. Our graduation rate (100%)... our accomplishments.

I also gave a glimpse to our plans to grow next year both school wise and geographically.

We'd love for you to be a part of our Igniter community!


We're opening the membership through June 30. Join today!

Check out the rest of the pictures from our dinner.