Introducing Septic Society to Vans

During STOKED Year 2, students expand on their skills in skateboard building from Year 1 and move into creating their own skateboard brand. This year was the first year that Los Angeles got to participate in Year 2 and our students were given the opportunity of a lifetime. While all student groups get to present their brand, our LA students had the opportunity to present their's to representatives at Vans Headquarters in Cypress, CA. Completely student led, the team created Septic Society, a brand that focuses on community and giving back. Their slogan “Skate the Filth Away,” emphasizes the importance of cleaning up the environment, especially in communities where they skate so they are able to enjoy them for years to come. Earlier this year, Septic Society put their dedication to community in action when they organized their own STOKED to Serve day where they patterned with FOLAR (Friends of the LA River) to clean up Marsh Skate Park.

Septic Society definitely brought energy to their presentation and they blew it out of the water! Vans was so impressed, the employees requested photos of the boards and a copy of the presentation to pass onto the right people in the business for a possible collaboration. A big thank you to Vans for allowing our Year 2 to present and for being huge supporters of STOKED!

Check out the photos from their trip to Vans and don’t forget to follow @septicsociety_ on Instagram to see what they're up to!








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