Kim in LA | STOKED Alumni and Aspiring Environmental Engineer


Photo by Jordan Lutes | Words by Katie Ferraro



Los Angeles


Year 1, Year 2


Snowboarding, surfing

You can always count on Kim to show up. Whether it is for an early morning snowboarding session, summer surfing, or skateboarding during the school year, Kim is there with a big bright smile across her face. She’s unstoppable, even on crutches! (She injured her knee and STILL showed up to skate sessions to hang out!)

A recent STOKED Alumni, Kim is currently studying to become an Environmental Engineer at San Diego State University. During a surf trip, we partnered with Surfrider Foundation and they taught the kids about ocean conservation. Surfrider’s presentation, which focused on plastic pollution, opened up Kim’s eyes to environmental engineering.

Outside of STOKED, Kim loves to dance! She is part of a hip hop dance troop and often performs at recitals.

Jordan Lutes grew up in the freezing cold waters of Oregon. His work mirrors his lifestyle: filled with spontaneity, adventure, authenticity and a love for travel. Jordan believes it’s always summer somewhere.

Katie Ferraro has a passion for words and currently serves as the Marketing Manager in Los Angeles.