Meet Chelcie: Entrepreneur, Snowboarder, Risk Taker

We'd like to introduce you to Chelcie and show you what a year at STOKED is like for one of our youth. Chelcie is about to start her Senior year and has completed 3 years of STOKED! She's smart, talented, adventurous and definitely going places. Thanks to donors like you, Chelcie has had a pretty amazing year. Join our STOKED Igniters program and help us empower youth like Chelcie! Scroll down to see what Chelcie has been up to this year. Chelcie at NY Fashion Week 246621981857413ba021525da8a1443e (1) With your help, we get our youth get access to once in a lifetime experiences (like a behind the scenes pass to NY Fashion Week), network and learn from professional mentors across different industries, and see, as often as possible, that ANYTHING is possible.

Chelcie's Skateboard Company 332f481732e942b3b989385245d22014 In Chelcie's sophomore year, she and her classmates built a skateboard company from scratch. They even won our "shark tank style" brand showcase and got to present to Google executives. With your help, youth like Chelcie get to flex their business skills and build their resumes (and their confidence)!

Chelcie in the Catskills a41cfd41e3c14da5a970a173e4af1c42 After 3 years of commitment to STOKED, youth like Chelcie get to attend an overnight snowboard trip with other juniors, where they shred, work on their college essays, and fine tune their leadership skills. Here's Chelcie and her squad in the Catskills!

Chelcie: In Her Own Words We've told you a lot about Chelcie and her involvement in STOKED, but why not hear it from her? We're so proud of you Chelcie, way to be a fearless leader! Join the STOKED Igniters today!