Meet our new Los Angeles Program Manager Kristy!

Hi Kristy! What role are you taking on at STOKED and what will your responsibilities be?
I will be taking on the role of Program Manager out here at STOKED LA. I will be overseeing the programming of STOKED, as well as setting up all weekend Mentor trips,  and STOKED to serve.
What job are you coming from last / do you have experience in this kind of role?
Prior to accepting the new position here at STOKED, I was working with a large non-profit called Playworks. They are a non-profit who also focus on under privileged youth. I worked for them for the past 3 years where I served 2 years as an Americorps member and Program Coordinator.  Working in non-profits with youth is my passion. I'm very excited for this great opportunity, and to grow with STOKED.
Where are you originally from and where are you based now?
I was born and raised in Central California and grew up on the beach in Pismo Beach, CA. I went to college at California State University Long Beach, and lived there for about 6 years before getting a job transfer to the Bay Area. I'm now back in LA and loving it!
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What brought you to STOKED?
STOKED is an amazing organization. I was drawn to STOKED by their mission, vision and core values, which are so aligned with my own. My passion for non-profits and being involved in communities, as well as my love for action sports were all what brought me here to STOKED.
What are you excited about in taking on your new role?
I'm excited for everything! As stated above STOKED is an amazing organization and I can't wait for all the new and exciting things to come from STOKED!
What do you do for fun in the off time?
In my time away from work, I love the outdoors. Any free time I have you will always find me outside. I love hiking, going to the beach, and playing sports.
Favorite kind of music, band, artist?
This question is always so hard for me because I'm a big fan of so many different types of music. I would have to say I love Hip-Hop and Country the most.
Favorite sports teams / inspiring athletes / heroes in your life that get you STOKED?
My favorite sports team is by far the Los Angles Kings. Growing up my dad has always been a huge Kings fan, and I can remember going to games as a kid.  My favorite athlete has always been Mia Hamm. She is a great role model for youth, especially young women.
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We are so excited to have Kristy on our team. We are ready for an amazing skate season in Los Angeles. If you live in the Los Angeles area and are interested in Volunteering - please sign up here!