A Conversation with College and Career Mentor Nicole Corbett


Photo by John & Zak Suhar | Interview by Katie Ferraro



New York


College and Career Mentoring



As part of our College and Career Mentoring Program, Junior and Senior students have the opportunity to explore careers, visit offices, and meet leaders across multiple industries. In addition, they get paired with one on one mentors that work in a field that they’re interested in. We’re grateful to have amazing adult mentors, like Nicole Corbett, who are willing to take a student under their wing and support them to be prepared for life after high school.

When did you get involved with STOKED and what inspired you to become a one on one mentor?

I first got involved with STOKED because my company Worn redesigned the STOKED website a few years back. Through that process I got to know Steve, the founder and we stayed in touch. From there I thought about becoming a mentor for about a year before actually taking the first step in January 2017. I’m so glad I did.

I became a mentor because I knew that spending time consistently with one person was going to be the most impactful way to share some of the blessings I’ve received in life and some of the lessons I’ve learned along the way. Also the excuse of "not having enough time" that I’d told myself in the past just wasn’t true when I examined it closely enough. All you have to do is measure how much time you probably spend on social media, then cut that out of your day and dedicate it instead to building a relationship with a kid who needs you. You’ll find you most likely have a couple of hours a week. That’s all you need to make a difference.

Why is entrepreneurship, specifically empowering women in business, important to you?

It’s important to me because I believe that women’s wisdom, intelligence, and innate beauty can transform the world. I choose to make my impact on the world through helping women in business because I know that in our world today money is power. Women need more of both in order to solve some of the greatest problems we face as a society and as humans on this earth together.

How have you been able to balance running a business and being a one on one mentor for STOKED?

Jessica and I meet on the weekend, usually for Sunday breakfast at our usual spot. When that doesn’t work we squeeze in lunch during the day if her school schedule permits. She’s also an intern now at my company, Worn, so I get to see her usually twice a week and we connect in small ways a bit more often. Sometimes it’s hard to get dedicated time together if I’m traveling, but Jessica is good at communicating when she wants to spend time together if it’s been a few weeks. It’s also been really fun having her as intern at Worn. All of the ladies that work for me absolutely love Jessica and we’ve all gone to workout classes together, tried archery, and celebrated birthdays.

What was the biggest lesson you wanted to teach your mentee, Jessica?

That her dream to include creativity in her future career was possible. I also wanted her to trust me and believe that she can reach out for help if she needs it. It’s important to me that she can see good in the world.

What have you learned from mentoring Jessica?

I need a whole book for this answer. Here are a few things: That Jessica is an incredibly strong, beautiful and resilient human who’s brilliant and creative and has all the potential in the world. She reminds me of the beauty in small things. She’s taught me that it’s a great thing to be unapologetically yourself. She’s shown me what it means to be dedicated to family.