Jessica in NYC | STOKED Student and Aspiring Photographer


Photos and Words by Jessica Monroe


I got into photography during my freshman year of high school and coincidentally when I joined STOKED. Before turning it into my career choice, taking photos was just a hobby for me, but when I joined STOKED and started to be surrounded by kids that were more like me, kids who were creative but didn't have an outlet, is when I really got into it. I'm passionate about photography because it's not like painting or drawing, it's really easy to learn and you can literally look at the world however you want and it's still realistic.


I get a lot of inspiration from the streets of New York, which is why I love this photo. It captures a weird duality about the city. On one hand NYC is really filthy and nasty, but on the other it's home to clean-cut fashion and aesthetics. 


I was really disappointed in myself the day I took this picture. I got stood up by my first client and I even considered quitting photography. I'm glad I didn't because now I'm getting known for it.

DSC_1363 copy.jpg

I remember the day I took this, I forced my very supportive boyfriend, Abraham, into the park to be my model. This was when I was still testing the waters and had no clue what to shoot. I believe my Mom and Abraham deserve recognition because without them I would've gave up on photography.


I don't remember the backstory to this picture, there probably isn't a backstory, but it looks good!

DSC_0996 copy.jpg

Once I turned photography from a hobby to a career path, I loved to take black and white pictures. There's an odd simplicity about them that I enjoy.


This is my Mom, Rosemary. She has been one of the biggest inspirations and supporters in my life and I love her so much. Mom, I hope this makes you proud.


This was the first photo that I took on a professional DSLR camera when I began interning at Worn. It was freezing outside and I just walked around Union Square taking all the snow-day pictures I could.



Jessica Monroe is part of our College and Career Mentoring program. She met her mentor, Nicole, through the program and landed an internship at Nicole’s agency, Worn. Her passion for photography has been amplified from her experience and mentorship with STOKED.