Skate Mentors Are Coming

Words by: Katie Ferraro Spring is here and for STOKED and that means Skate Mentors are coming! Starting in April our students will have the opportunity to get outside, explore new places, learn from one another, and maybe even teach the mentors a thing of two about skateboarding.

STOKED youth mentoring

What is unique about Skate Mentor is that most of these kids use their skateboard as their main source of transportation, their entertainment, and their outlet. As a mentor, it’s inspiring to see what these kids can do on a skateboard and a great opportunity for the students to become the teacher. While we have a great deal of mentors that kill it on a skateboard, some of the mentors are learning right next to the students, which empowers the youth to support them with tips and tricks they’ve learned along the way.

STOKED Skateboard PushingSTOKED Loaded Longboards

Skate Mentors specifically teach the youth that STOKED serves to be leaders, teachers, and team players. Skateboarding teaches resiliency, risk, learning through failure, and success. In order to nail a trick, it takes many attempts, a whole lot of falling down, and drive to get back up and try it again.

STOKED half pipe

Finally, Skate Mentors take the kids outside of their comfort zone, whether that’s because they are just learning, meeting new people, or skating a new part of the city. Just like in life, it is important to thrive outside of your comfort zone and Skate Mentors are the perfect place to practice those skills.

STOKED Skateboarding

Love to skateboard or willing to learn? Looking to give back in a big way? Register to volunteer with STOKED!

STOKED Skate Mentor