STOKED Alum Becomes a Coach


Photographs by Taimir Johnson | Text by Antonia Smith


We're proud to boast that STOKED alum, Taimir Johnson, started coaching at PS 76 in Harlem in April as part of a program funded by the Heisman Trophy Fund! Middle schoolers are building skateboards from scratch over 12 weeks. STOKED is also supporting the school's gym coach by providing skate instruction during PE.

Heisman 2.jpg

"I love to see the smiles and dedication on the kids' faces as they scrape and sand their boards. Their sighs of relief when they finish remind me of that feeling of accomplishment I felt when I was a STOKED student." ~ Taimir

Heisman 3.jpg

Taimir will graduate with his associates degree from Kingsborough Community College this spring. He is also a dedicated STOKED mentor on his free weekends.

Valete Graham