Words by Kyle Samuelson A couple weeks ago we were fortunate enough to be invited to Dig Inn’s Broadway location to spend an afternoon learning more about this exciting restaurant chain and how our kids (and all of us too) can eat healthier and more sustainably here in NYC.

Dig Inn builds community through food. They partner with local farmers and producers to create seasonal menus that are revolutionizing how we think about fast food here in New York City (and they are growing fast around the country!). They invited our Year 3 cohort to come to one of their busiest locations and meet one of their top notch chefs to learn about his profession, his path to getting there, how he creates recipes, and even got a first hand look at making a quick, healthy, delicious panzanella salad. Chef Jon was a great host, and told fascinating stories that really focused our kids into the culinary world. We were also hosted by Taylor from Dig Inn’s Sustainability Team and were able to learn more about the growing world of sustainability and different professional paths students could take within that.

It was so great to see our kids looking and thinking about food in a different way. Many of them had never even thought about a career in food, or that some professions like finance, operations, marketing can also be a major part of a restaurant's work force. It is also great to have another company providing more incredible opportunities for our STOKED kids. Dig Inn is such an amazing company and we are so lucky that they have joined us to help make our fearless leaders that much more knowledgeable and healthier.



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