STOKED at Twitter NYC

Words by Alex Bruno Soaked from the pouring rain, we entered the non-descript brick building, identifiable only by a small black logo by the door: the Twitter bird. We were greeted warmly in the lobby and given a quick tour of their cellar, which was filled with quick chatter and cold brew. We ascended upstairs to a conference room where the duration our visit would take place. But before our visit officially kicked off, we had to stop for snacks and smoothies to get our creative juices flowing.

Wide eyed students gathered around the conference table as our hosts introduced themselves. First was Maryam Mujica, who works in Public Policy at Twitter and previously served as a member of the White House National Security Council. We were also joined by Senior Data Specialist  Danielle  Monsiegneur. Both women offered unique career journeys for our students, Maryam speaking of her time in Washington D.C. and Danielle speaking of her time at Bluefin Labs, that would eventually be acquired by Twitter. Although their career journeys differed, they offered genuine advice for our students like the benefit of saying yes to opportunities that present themselves and the value of studying abroad during college.

We would continue by talking about the impact of Twitter around the world, citing classic examples of where the social media outlet was used well and maybe not so well. These examples really opened students up to the idea of a digital footprint and how their future employees will most likely assess their social media to see if they are an employee they would like to hire. Although that concept can seem daunting, our hosts really showed how our student’s social media presence could be used  in a positive way to display their lives and interact with others throughout the world.

Our visit would end with a thoughtful conversation between our hosts and students on what they had learned. The most thought provoking question came from a student who was curious about how social media outlets funnel ads to users for things they may not necessarily be interested or aware of yet. Everyone took a second to really think it over, as many of us had an experience where exactly the item we’ve been thinking about purchasing has popped up in ad on the side of the screen.

All in all, our visit to Twitter was filled with genuine conversation and hospitality. As we filed into the elevator, the secretary on our floor exclaimed her excitement when she heard STOKED was visiting. Well it’s safe to say, we were equally excited and looking forward to our next adventure together. Come surfing with us Twitter!


Our visit to Twitter was made possible by a connection made by a STOKED Igniter!  Our Igniters are a community of donors that are committed to creating opportunity for our youth.  Are you ready to become an Igniter?  Join this exclusive community before June 30th and the doors close for the year: