STOKED in Style

Words by: Jenny Irving

Girls’ skateboarding is quite literally in Vogue this year. We are trending. Trending like a political hashtag. Trending like a LiveStrong bracelet. Trending like it's going out of style...but it isn’t. More people than ever are experiencing the accessibility of the lifestyle. Even the Olympics is beginning to recognize the legitimacy. Following suit, the High School of Fashion and STOKED have teamed up to take the world by board. 

We are about 2.5 months into the program and already have 15 decks glued and concaved. When we aren’t racing the drying glue, we discuss the difference between fashion and style. Fashion being something that is dictated and curated; Style being something that is organic and self-expressive — impossible to steal from another. We can all learn the same trick, but none of us will look the same doing it. 

To practice allowing our own personalities to ooze out of us comfortably and confidently, we had a runway show in class. The goal was to absolutely own your chosen look while everyone else cheered cartoonishly alongside you for hype and support. We did a walking round, a board balancing on the head round, and a skating round. Ample kudos were given and the room beamed with positive energy and good vibes. 

Several of our ladies have come to the weekend events and learned to roll in, ollie, and hippie jump! No matter the board type, there is no discrimination. Penny boarders, long boarders, skateboarders: all are welcome, all are curious to learn more. The city, and our minds, have been opened up to possibility. Everything is our playground. Those stairs aren’t just for walking. That bench is for more than sitting.

I’m looking forward to the art application phase of our builds, as most of my students are beyond creatively talented. Based upon their favorite films and TV shows, I’m expecting it to be super kawaii. Thank you STOKED and High School of Fashion for adopting me into the family, we are going to do great things together! 

Peace, love, and skateboarding, 

Jenny Irving


To learn more about STOKED, go here and to learn more about Coach Jenny check out her profile.