STOKED Visits Streetwear Brand REBEL8

Words by: Kristy Bleum

Photos by: Kingston Photography


The students at one of our schools in Downtown LA were lucky enough to be hosted by REBEL8 recently for a special experience.

REBEL8 is a cool streetwear brand that was founded in 2003. Their designs are heavily inspired by classic skateboard graphics, graffiti, and tattoo art.

We were stoked for this opportunity.

The school campus is less than a mile away from the REBEL8 warehouse, so we skated over to check out their offices and warehouse.

STOKED loves working with brands and companies to provide unique and one of a kind memories for our students.

As corporate employees, creatives, and entrepreneurs, the normal day to day dealings of going to work in an office, being a conference room for a meeting, or seeing how a warehouse works can be opportunities to inspire our kids.


We were greeted by Kerstyn in marketing, who gave us a tour of the office and introduced us to the guys who work in the warehouse, their photographer, Kingston, and the owner and creator of Rebel8, Josh.

The kids got a ton of insight on what it takes to have and run a successful business.

Our students were very inquisitive asking many great questions about how they could get a job working there one day.

looking at art

At the end of the day they even got to skate around the warehouse and had such a blast.

We had a fantastic time and learned a ton. It was really an amazing day, and the REBEL8 crew invited the kids to come back anytime they want!

Thanks so much to all of their employees for giving our kids a rad, unique opportunity.

If you'd like to get involved with STOKED and share what you do with our students, drop us a line here.

kids skating at rebel8