Stoked x Loaded Boards

Loaded Boards, a longtime partner of STOKED, had a limited edition skate deck created and decided to sell this limited quantity one-time only on their website.  They are donating 20% of the proceeds to STOKED as well.  In order to promote the deck, and create awareness and a bigger following of STOKED and Loaded, they created social media contests on both Instagram and Facebook (one follower on each platform wins a free deck). Loaded_carbon_INSTA_3-2

The Instagram contest lasted for 5 days.  In order to enter, a person had to follow both @stokedorg and @loadedboards, repost the photo, and tag it with #stokedandloaded.  Over the 5 days, this hashtag received over 1550 posts.  STOKED followers increased by 24% in just 5 days (adding over 1000) as well.   On Facebook, the contest was just 2 days, with similar rules.  To enter, a person had to “like” both STOKED and Loaded Boards pages, share the picture, and answer the question “What gets you stoked about skateboarding?” in a comment.  There were over 550 shares, and about 500 comments.  Facebook “likes” for STOKED went up by 500.


In just days, awareness of STOKED rocketed, and thousands of people are now potential customers of Loaded Boards as well.  This was an easy way to spread our reach and gain followers.

IMG_3841   IMG_3845

Our Stoked LA students were lucky enough to visit the Loaded Boards HQ on the day of the release.  They toured the offices and warehouse and even had a skate session with the Loaded team.  The kids were treated to a delicious barbecue before helping to pack up the Carbon Tesseract decks for shipment.  The students personalized each box with thank you notes before heading home.  Thanks to Loaded for a great day, and for joining in our STOKED circle! We’re so grateful for the continued support and partnership we have with Loaded Boards - thank you for this amazing opportunity!

IMG_3795   IMG_3733 If you’re interested in collaborating with us, email us at  STOKED was able to raise awareness instantly and expand our audience.  As a partner, you’ll get many benefits as well including tax breaks, raising social awareness among your audience and connecting our audience to your brand.  Let’s get started!

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