Take More Risks with Stoked & Greatist

FullSizeRender (6) For the month of June, we are partnering with our friends at Greatist for our 30-Day Challenge to Take More Risks!  At STOKED, we are always challenging one another to confront our fears and to overcome obstacles that stand in the way of success!  By skateboarding, surfing and snowboarding, we are always pushed to go beyond our limits and we come out on the other side happier, prouder and feeling great!  With Greatist, we have come up with a plan so that you can do something new every day in June to boost your confidence and learn more about yourself and others.

We know that not everyone wants to jump on a board right away, so start small with the risks you take.  This handy calendar has suggestions for each day, ranging from introducing yourself to a neighbor to confronting someone at work.  If you know that there's something that you're afraid to do, feel free to add it into the calendar and give it a go!  Anything that makes you feel slightly uncomfortable or scared is something that you can work towards.  It's a tough challenge, but we know you're up for it!


Here's a note from Greatist founder and CEO - and STOKED friend and supporter - Derek:

STOKED is a really special organization and I'm very proud to sit on its "Board of Stokers." To me, STOKED is really about getting kids to try something new and uncomfortable, then build confidence and experience by jumping in and realizing they can succeed at things that seem scary! If this message resonates with you, I encourage you to participate in our monthly challenge and join their Stoked Igniter Program like I did. For just $10 per month you’ll help fund after-school programs for underprivileged, inner-city kids to gain professional skills and the confidence to put them into action. Learn more and donate here!