The Best Winter Ever

Our snow program is definitely the highlight of our organization.

It's the thing that separates STOKED from most organizations.

Snowboarding isn't just a one off activity for random kids.

Snowboarding this is part of their multi-year experience with STOKED.

For many of our students this is their second or third season with STOKED.

We see them afterschool, we see them on the weekends, and even during the summer.

Over 400 hours of programming per student!

Many of our students' grades, confidence and even college essays were cultivated on the bus and chairlifts.

There's no place else where a bus full of kids with adult mentors, grow, bond, and learn from each other.

This season is no different. In fact this season was our largest.

We ended up having 27 snowboard trips (up from 21 the year before) and this is across 3 mountains in 3 states.

851 snow experiences! Some of our students even went snowboarding 10 times!

We also had our Year 3 students take an epic 3 mountain in 3 day ski trip with mentors this winter.

We couldn't be more thrilled with the results of the season.

Many thanks to our supporters who made this winter possible including: Gross Family Foundation, Belleayre, Snow Summit, and National Winter Activities Center.

Most importantly, thank to you our supporters and mentors for keeping the stoke alive so we can continue to serve kids.