The Future is Now

Words by Katie Ferraro: The way we do business is changing. Social acceptance is changing. And the way our youth show up to the world is changing.

The youth of today are the adults and decision makers of tomorrow. Much like the millennial generation is shaping the world we live in now, the next generation of youth coming up today are likely to make an even more significant impact than us 20 somethings are making right now.


We have an amazing opportunity in front of us. We have the opportunity to be the mentors, the leaders, and the inspiration that guides this new generation. That is a powerful place to be in and much like we have taught our youth for ten years, and continue to do now at STOKED, we accept this challenge with no fear.

In a study conducted by Fuse Marketing, an agency which specializes in Teen, Young Adult, and  Millennial marketing, they found that the major driving force behind youth ages 13-18 (the ages served by STOKED) is social change. And their biggest concern? Education.

At STOKED, our main goal is to provide our students with education around endless categories including art, brand development, and business. We believe that giving students the possibilities to stretch their limits, to expose them to avenues they might not have known existed, and to empower them to celebrate their unique talents will give them the tools to create a bright future for themselves.


Youth are impressionable beings that don’t always discover or reach their dreams in a traditional classroom. And that’s okay. While the STOKED after school program is taught in a classroom setting, we combine that with a host of activities out side of the classroom, giving them a first hand look at the world around them.

Additionally, with our STOKED to Serve program, we show our youth how they can make a positive impact in the world and have fun doing so. After all, this is their world and in a few short decades, it will be up to them to protect it. And, according to the study, giving back is something they have already committed to.

Stoked to Serve

For example, when considering brand loyalty and trust, it was found that, “After learning a brand supports a social cause or is socially responsible, Gen Z (13-18 year olds) is 85% more likely to trust the brand more.”

85%. Think about that number.

These are the youth we serve. This is the future and we are so proud to be a part of not only changing lives, but changing the world.

Are you ready to change the world? Volunteer with us!