The STOKED Space

Words by Harold Williams If STOKED is the Justice League, then the STOKED Space is the Justice League Headquarters. It is the space where Stokers can come to visit fellow community members and bask in the hero vibes.

Igniters, students, mentors, and others come to the STOKED Space to connect and catch up with each other, especially when we have events like the Community Hangout and the STOKED Igniter dinner. STOKED student alumni and current students drop by to say hello and just to hangout. It's a space where kids feel comfortable and safe. They often gather here before taking trips to places like Twitter and Vogue. They grab water and reminisce about past STOKED trips and upcoming ones as well.

We’ve had so many cool events in the STOKED Space outside of our immediate STOKED community. Professional brands and companies have held events here as well. Worn held their “F*#@ it” series that included 3 incredible women who shared their journey navigating their professional lives. We packed the house with 70 women that night. One of my favorite brands, Search & State, launched their spring collection with a unique gallery exhibit. We were able to get some zen in the office when we hosted a yoga session lead by Nike Instructor Traci Copeland. But my favorite event was the “mentor hangout”. As much as we love nurturing our kids, it’s great to have some adult time and get to know the volunteers that make our program great.

If you haven’t already, make sure you stop by the STOKED space and bask in the hero vibes. Whether you are hosting an event or attending one, it’s worth it.