U.S. Open of Surfing Visit w/ STOKED

Recently, STOKED had the opportunity to take a group of students to Vans’ 2015 Open of Surfing: an event where surfers across the nation come to show and test their talent on the waves. The entire day was filled with fun and excitement! tg_A8DfgfD3MHFyBI1_teVqLelxbcn1XTE9XjZq7DiQ

The day began with the kids meeting at the beach alongside some Vans employees, where they had the opportunity to surf. Then the kids were taken to meet more Vans employees who participated in one of our rituals- a STOKED Circle where they were able to get to know one another and connect with new people.



Later on in the day they attended a cookout on the beach, where afterwards they received swag bags from Vans! They later watched the skate and surf competitions from Vans’ VIP tent, where afterwards the kids had the opportunity to ask the Vans employees about their jobs, and about what it means to be a professional and work for the Vans brand.



A special thank you goes out to the Vans staff, and everyone who helped make this day a success – especially STOKED Mentors Lillian Lim, who spent the day with the kids!!!


*Header Photo by Michael Lallande