Why Action Sports?

Words by Katie Ferraro: How many times have you jumped on a skateboard to try to master a new trick, only to fail a million times? Or fallen on your way down the mountain when snowboarding? Or been overcome by a wave when surfing? What did you do? Did you quit, or keep going?


While there is a lot of value in traditional sports like basketball or football by way of life skills, it’s the creativity and resiliency needed for action sports that make them the perfect opportunity for growth. Action Sports allows our youth to live the STOKED core values every day:

Success Teamwork Openness Kudos Energy Determination

Action sports requires us to literally fall down and get back up, time after time. And we all do it because of the passion for surfing, skateboarding, and snowboarding that burns deep inside of us. Action sports is a lifestyle that pushes us to be our own, unique selves while still having the support of our peers. It’s competitive in a healthy way, while still promoting teamwork.


Further, by teaching through action sports, we give our youth the ability to thrive outside of their comfort zone. Because, let's face it, life is about pushing through our fears and being comfortable with the uncomfortable. Many of the students have never even seen snow before STOKED or are unsure of the ocean’s power. STOKED brings them to these places, puts mentors that are highly skilled in surfing, skateboarding, and snowboarding beside them, and empowers them to learn something new.

Our students are brave and gladly accept the challenges that are put in front of them. And they grow, right before our eyes. But, it’s not only that their action sports skills grow. The skills they learned from STOKED can be easily translated to their school work and their life, in a powerful way.


Do you have a passion for action sports and want to share it with our youth? Volunteer with STOKED!