Women's History Month Profile of Ann Kaatz

Words by: Steve Larosiliere March is Women's History Month! We're so stoked to announce that throughout the month we're profiling some of the super badass women in and around our community.

Literally and figuratively, we wouldn't be here today without our community of women.


From my mother who inspired me to be a social entrepreneur to the founding supporter, Meg Hale, so many women have inspired us, and we're thrilled to put a big spotlight on these amazing women.

Our first profile is Ann Kaatz, the IT Director, Home Entertainment at NBCUniversal, Inc., one of our longest serving supporters in STOKED.

Ann & Casey Nov 2015

Ann joined STOKED as a mentor in 2007, then joined our advisory board in LA in 2008. She's currently a STOKED Igniter and a lifelong friend.

A boss on the snowboard and in the boardroom, she's a mother to two handsome boys and married to an amazing man... she for many years served as a positive and consistent role model to the young women in STOKED -- also to the young men in STOKED LA. She served as a mentor for 8 years to a young woman named Jessica (who graduated) and even made a donation that essentially saved our STOKED LA program for one month back in 2009.

Ann & Charlie June 2015 (1)

We're ever so grateful for Ann and am so happy she's part of our community. Here's what Ann had to say:

If you could pick 1 thing that you would be remembered for, what would it be?

- I hope that I will be remembered as someone who cared - cared for my family, cared about people, cared about my community, cared about my job and my team, cared about doing the right thing - and that because I cared, the world is a better place for someone.


One piece of life advice for young people? - Just one piece?  Well, here are my top 5: 1. Follow the Golden Rule:  Treat others as you wish to be treated 2. "To thine own self be true ." (Shakespeare) - I don't mean to be selfish or self-centered, but keep in touch with your own inner voice, trust your moral compass, and don't be overly influenced by others. 3. Say YES to opportunities that cross your path - they will lead to to places you didn't know you always wanted to go. 4. Travel - this is a big world and exploring it will open your mind to new and different perspectives and possibilities 5. Get out of your comfort zone on a regular basis.

Ann WNN 2014

What don't people know about you? What's your secret talent? - I make a super delicious pumpkin-apple pie. If you were given an award, what song would you walk out to? - "Walking on Sunshine" by Katrina & the Waves Who's your She-ro? - I have a few: 1.  My mom - she's strong-willed, opinionated, community-focused, deeply caring, and an amazing grandma! 2.  Shonda Rhimes:  I'm in awe of her talent, creativity, leadership, power, visionary focus, and business skills 3.  Eleanor Roosevelt - She was an outspoken advocate and activist for human rights