Women's History Month Profile of Meg Hale

Words By: Steve LarosilierePhotos By: Debbie Mericolo

Years ago, before I started STOKED, I found myself on a beach on Fire Island's Ocean Beach for the weekend. One morning I head to the beach to see the sunrise and see this woman sitting there drinking coffee. We strike up a conversation and she asks me what I do for a living....

I told her that I'm starting a snowboard mentoring program... She lit up and told me how she sat on the board for a non profit in Boston.

After telling her my vision for the organization, we walked back to her house and she gave me a book called How to Run a Non Profit in the 21st Century.

She later introduced me to a non profit consultant who advised me on how to start STOKED. He consulted with me pro bono from the initial idea to the very first program...

In addition to being one of STOKED's first supporters and advisors, Meg's a trusted ally, friend and "mom" to many, many people in the STOKED community.

In 2010, I gave her an award, and she continues to support STOKED to this very day.  She's the one that makes cookies for kids on snowboard days and is quick to give feedback.

Whenever she gives critical feedback on STOKED, she loves to respond "That's why you pay me!"

We're thrilled to spotlight Meg Hale as a badass woman in STOKED's history.




What do you want to be remembered for? Being open minded and accepting of all people. My volunteer work and dedication to equality, women's rights, HIV/AIDS, and STOKED.

What life advice do you want to pass on to young people? Open yourself to all people, possibilities and life experiences no matter how far outside your comfort zone. Believe in yourself. Take a stand and stand up for your beliefs.

What don't people know about you? After graduating from NYU in 1966, I went to work and became one of the first female Vice Presidents of an investment banking firm on Wall St.

Do you have a secret talent? I have experience working as The Easter Bunny at a mall in Boston.

If you were given an award what song would you walk out too? I AM WOMAN by Helen Reddy

Who's your she-ro? My daughter, Rachel Manandhar