Women's History Month Profile on Kim Woozy

Words by Katie Ferraro: At STOKED, we empower our youth to pursue their passions and believe in possibility. Kim Woozy, founder of MAHFIA, is a great example of living life this way. She has a deep passion for action sports and has worked in the action sports industry for many years.

Living true to her passions, Kim created MAHFIA when she saw an opportunity for a media channel highlighting the awesome women and girls of action sports. The multimedia platform produces authentic content showcasing women’s action sports culture, specifically targeting skate, snow, surf, wake, travel, culture and diversity.

Kim is an inspiring role model, or “possibility model” as she puts it in her TEDxTalk, to our youth, has supported STOKED for many years, collaborating with us creatively along the way. We are grateful for Kim’s contribution to the action sports industry and her ability to push the industry further to create equality across action sports.

We’re pleased to feature Kim Woozy along with many other incredible fearless females in honor of Women’s History Month!

Kim Woozy MAHFIA

photo: Nam-chi Van

Kim Woozy  Kim Woozy SnowboardKim Woozy Oscela Dubois

photo: Osceola Dubois

If you could pick 1 thing that you would be remembered for, what would it be?

I would like to be remembered for inspiring and empowering girls to not be afraid to go for it. Whether that's in sports, business or creative expression -- Life is too short to be afraid. It's very easy to say we want to do something and never do it, I'm guilty of this myself too. I hope to help other girls and women feel empowered to at least try! Even if we fail, learning from our mistakes is one of the best things in life and we become better people for it.

One piece of life advice for young people?

Don't worry about what other people think. Today, we live in a world where we are constantly receiving images and info about everyone else's life and bombarded with what's "popular" and "cool." While sharing is fun, don't forget to live your own life and do what really makes you happy, regardless of what other people think. In high school, everyone wants to fit in, but when you get older, being different and unique is 100 times cooler and way more fun -- I promise!

What don't people know about you? What's your secret talent?

A lot of people don't know that I was super shy up until I was about 16. I changed schools at 13 and didn't know anyone. I would keep to myself and speak as little as possible, in fear of not fitting in. Playing sports helped me gain confidence and a voice. I ended up MCing events in high school and in the recent years I've been giving talks at conferences, etc. If someone told 15 year old me that I would give a TedxTalk later in life I would have told them they were crazy! A few of my secret talents include juggling and speaking Mandarin. I also love to karaoke (Asian style -- in groups) but am 100% sure I have a horrible singing voice (hence the group Karaoke only).

If you given an award what song would you walk out to?

Fugees - Ready or Not

Who's your She-ro?

I have too many to pick just one! Oprah, Lisa Ling, Tina Fey, Malala and every girl in the world who rides a board.

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