Women's History Month Profile on Libby DeLana

Words by Katie Ferraro: We connected with Libby Delana at the DO Lectures which brings together creative minds that believe change happens at the intersection of energy and ideas. Since connecting with Libby, she has been a long time supporter, friend, and mentor to STOKED.

A total girl boss, Libby is not only a bad ass graphic designer by trade, but also picked up her skills from the Harvard School of Design and Boston Architecture Center. From there, Libby grew in her career to her latest venture as a founding partner of Mechanica. Her creativity inspires us to always think outside the box to see what’s possible.

Libby has been an amazing asset to STOKED and we’re honored to highlight her in our women’s history month series!

Libby Delana Libby Delana Mechanica

photo: Mechanicausa.com


photo: Flikr.com | Tyson Goodridge

If you could pick 1 thing that you would be remembered for, what would it be? Bravery or Kindness

One piece of life advice for young people? Tell your people you love them, often and out loud. Be the last one to let go in a hug. (Sorry can’t be just one)

What don't people know about you? I hate pie. I love cake.

What's your secret talent? I have incredible parking karma. It’s a super power actually. Wherever I go I get a parking spot right in front.

If you given an award what song would you walk out to? Brick House by The Commodores Girl on Fire by Alicia Keys

Who's your She-ro? Maggie Doyne

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